pondelok 20. augusta 2012

Blue flowers

Hey everyone! It was busy week so I didn´t have a time to post a contribution.Sorry.I was at Grape festival and LMFAO concert. It was really fun. They were great but not the best. Now I´m at the spa and I enjoy it! Here is m outfit fro the first day.It´s too hot here.I´m wearing top from second hand (don´t really know how I get it,lol) and black shorts from Stradivarius.These flats are my favourite,they are from Asos.Post a comment if you like it.:)

11 komentárov:

  1. so feminine! love bows!

  2. Krásny outfit ako všetky tvoje :) Máš odo mňa na mojom blogu ocenenie :))

  3. very cute outfit!
    lovely flats!

  4. Krásný outfit, moc ti to sluší :)
    A ráda bych tě pozvala na svůj blog, kde teď probíhá Giveaway :)

  5. love this look! very cute blouse :)